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runoff, contamination, environment, numerical modelling, real-time, simulation, forecasting, hydrodynamic, management


Modelling of contaminant transport on watersheds is a problem of concern with regard to the protection of water ecosystems. This paper presents a numerical model, using the finite element method, to simulate contaminant transport hydrodynamics. Spatial and temporal progression of a spilled toxic substance was compiled for the Macks-Creek basin located in United States. It is shown that the developed tool, based on coupled terrain and surface runoff models, provided adequate results in terms of runoff velocities and height. Results from this compute served as an input of a computer based system that we developed to simulate the real-time contaminant behaviour and spreading since its spillage.

The developed model can be used in both simulating and forecasting modes. Obtained predictions are of practical relevance to hydrologists and water resources managers for applications in environmental management strategies during infrastructure and urban planning phases as well.