Japanese law library, Law libraries, Collection development, History, Fundraising, Japan, Library resources, Gellhorn, Walter, 1906-1995, Young, Michael K., 1949-, Rosenthal, Albert J., Hoover, James L., Tanaka, Jirō, 1906-1982, Nobushige, Ukai, 1906-1987, Tsunematsu, Ken, Wakumoto, Yoshihiko, 1931-2015.


This paper chronicles events surrounding the creation of the largest academic Japanese law library in the United States, while focusing on two extraordinary law faculty members at Columbia Law School and their successful fundraising efforts from the initial concept of building a Japanese law library through the establishment of permanent funding. It recounts others who tirelessly supported carrying through this arduous plan. It is about insightful visions, perseverance, and lasting personal relationships, as well as building a foreign law collection in the United States. It examines lessons to be learned.

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