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The use of A.I. tools in learning and research introduces significant challenges to conventional essay assignments in Humanities, necessitating the exploration of alternative teaching and evaluation methods.

In many academic libraries, subject Librarians are often invited by instructors to teach one-shot library research skills workshops as guest speakers. The one-shot library instruction model is “not sufficient to convey the depth and breadth of information literacy concepts to students”, however, it remains in use “in part because of the sheer practicum of the model.”

In response to the identified need for change, the instructor and the librarian undertook a case study using a contemporary Asian literature course (PAAS 302) in the Fall of 2022 to explore how librarians and instructors collaborate in curriculum design and teaching.

Diverging from the one-shot library sessions, the librarian actively participated in curriculum design, recommended specific course readings, evaluated content on the Wiki Education Dashboard and Wikipedia training and made three visits to the class in the collaborative teaching model. Drawing on data from course evaluations including surveys, observations of student group presentations, and designed focus group interviews, an open-access teaching toolkit was developed. This toolkit aims to share the lessons the authors learned from the case study and the course development documents such as presentation slides and flip-classroom workshop working materials, with librarians and faculty interested in collaborative teaching and integrating Wikipedia editing into their own curricula. The paper also sheds light on students’ thoughts on digital publishing, online peer review, online censorship, open access movements as the next generation of researchers.

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