cultural heritage, digital archive, National Debt Redemption Movement, Wikidata


This study aims to enhance accessibility and data utilization of digital cultural heritage preserved by the National Debt Redemption Movement (NDRM) digital archive. The NDRM archive wants to promote the historical value of cultural heritage, but it struggles with data openness, a common problem for small local archives. In order to overcome this limitation, the research proposes using Wikidata and its SPARQL-based query service. This includes analyzing NDRM materials, the current state of the archive, and metadata elements, and then mapping these to Wikidata properties. Research shows that integrating archival data into Wikidata has the advantages of data expansion, quality control, and providing contextual information that helps users understand cultural heritage. In addition, it enables data analysis by supporting search methods and visualization tools that existing archive systems do not provide. Wikidata can be of great help in managing and utilizing digital cultural heritage in small local archives, and this study demonstrates its potential.