academic libraries, COVID19 responses


This paper presents an ongoing project to collect as-it-happens data on CEAL libraries’ responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, and discusses the information collected so far. The author collected website and social network site postings of CEAL libraries (n=43), which were posted from March to mid-September, 2020, and analyzed them using visualization tools. In the period of initial responses in March, most CEAL libraries suspended in-person reference services and circulation of print holdings, and closed their physical locations to patrons. Access to print books restarted in some libraries during the spring semester/quarter, while other services remained relatively unchanged. Print collections became available at many more libraries during summer terms, and CEAL libraries are gradually reopening in-person services and study and reading spaces in preparation to, at the beginning of, or during the fall semester/quarter. Beyond those findings, the author intends to further develop the project to make it a digital platform to gather community contributions and oral histories of those in the field of East Asian librarianship.

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