Chinese village data, library, digital humanities, village gazetteers, database


In July 2018, the East Asian Library (EAL) of the University of Pittsburgh Library System (ULS) initiated the Contemporary Chinese Village Gazetteer Data (CCVG Data) project to create a series of open-access online datasets of China’s rural statistics selected from the library’s collection of Chinese village gazetteers. The current datasets contain data from 1,000 village gazetteers in 18 categories. As an ongoing project, the goal is to reach 2,500 to 3,000 villages. A database that allows effective and efficient ingesting, querying, manipulating, and displaying CCVG data will be available for use by the end of 2020. This article serves as an introduction of the CCVG Data project and examines the motivation, work protocol, scholar engagements and applications, significance, critiques and justifications, and future work of the project. More information can be found on the CCVG Data website http://www.chinesevillagedata.library.pitt.edu.

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