Authority control, authority database, bibliographic database, Chinese classics, information retrieval library catalogs, title authorities


This study investigates the effectiveness of a library-cataloging model developed by the author, namely, the shifted-authority control (SAC) model, for retrievals with fewer omissions in the field of Chinese classics. Since there is almost no title authority data for Chinese classics in Japan, the normal authority control model is unsuitable. To determine whether the SAC model can address this problem, a prototype authority database for searching the titles of Chinese classics was constructed. Then, three bibliographic databases were searched using work/item titles from the prototype database; this facilitated comparisons of the recall performance and the precision of the following three retrieval query types: using only the authorized title of a work for retrieval (query i); using all titles of a work (query ii); and using all titles of a work and all titles of items in the work (query iii). It was found that the proposed model (query iii) had better recall performance than other methods. However, to achieve optimal precision, utilizing tightly controlled bibliographic records as sources of item titles is necessary.

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