Patrick Lo


Special libraries may include corporate libraries, law libraries, art libraries, medical libraries, news libraries, architecture firm libraries, financial centre libraries, etc. Some corporate libraries are also known as information centres, resources centres or learning resources centres, etc. Many of them are set up for the purpose of supporting the missions of their parent organizations, and their functions and services tend to target towards the specific needs of their users. According to Keyes (1995), one major issue faced by many corporate libraries is their difficulty in putting a ‘dollar value’ on the intangible services, which the library provides to its parent company. Although its ‘values’ cannot be easily measured, the MTR Corporation Limited is one of the very few commercial corporations in Hong Kong that has undoubtedly invested a great deal of resources and manpower to support the ongoing operations of its Library (Learning Resource Centre) for the past two decades. According to the MTR Corporation Librarian, although knowledge acquired might not be useful immediately, or at any unspecified time in the future, the MTR truly believes that only through continuous professional development, one can acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to keep up with their Organization, as well as with the rapidly changing work environment. And through continuous learning, one is then able to maximize his or her potential at work, thereby contributing fully to the MTR Corporation.