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Mr. Chou Hung-li, President of the China National Publishing Industry Trading Corporation (Chung-kuo ch'u-pan tui-wai mao-i sung kung-ssu) (CNPITC), invited representatives from various libraries across the United States to take part in the North American Librarians Delegation to China for ten days in October 1994. The participants included Mr. Wen-kai Kung (Associate Curator, East Asian Collection, Yale University), Mr. Kevin Lin (East Asian Librarian, University of Texas at Austin), Ms. Chung-ming Lung (East Asian Bibliographer, Alderman Library, University of Virginia), Ms. Beatrice Ohta (Chinese Team Leader, Library of Congress), Ms. Karen T. Wei (Head, Asian Library, University of Illinois), Ms. Agnes Wen (Technical Services Librarian, University of Pittsburgh), Mr. William S. Wong (East Asian Librarian, University of California at Irvine), and Ms. Wendy I. Zeldin (Legal Research Analyst, Far Eastern Law Division, Library of Congress). Dr. Wong served as the delegation's leader. Most of the delegation members are the responsible individuals for development of the Asian library collections at their institutions. The general purpose of the trip was to strengthen understanding and friendship between those involved in East Asian librarianship in the West and their counterparts in China. More specifically, the objective was to make on-site visits to selected publishing houses and libraries, to evaluate the state of their information-processing technology, and to look at changes in the publishing industry in the context of ongoing privatization in China. The realization of these objectives is reflected in the remarks below on the various institutions the delegation visited.