P. Y. Chang


Library materials


The aim of this report is to follow up my previous article, "A Review of the Present Non-Partisan Political Journals of Taiwan,"1 in order to respond to the people who are interested in accessibility and preservation. The information in this holdings list is based on my "A Survey of the Present Non-Partisan Political Journals of Taiwan, 1980- " sent to the fourteen largest East Asian collections in the United States last August. From the different holdings in the libraries, we can sense their various acquisition situations. As was said some years ago, "From the discussion and criticism of current Taiwan domestic problems, articles on political affairs and the current social problems appearing in these magazines, we can sense the problems in Taiwan and anticipate its future. The. value of such materials for the study of contemporary and future Taiwan is immense." Because of the extent of censorship, a holdings list for a certain period is worthwhile, not only because it serves the purpose of sharing information, but also because it will benefit the scholarly world for future reference.