Allen E. Bergin


This is reprinted from th Journal of Consulting and Clincal Psychology 1980 Vol. 48, No. 1, 95-105. It is an abridged sythesis of several lectures he delivered in symposia on the outcome of therapy Psychotherapy sponsored by the Institute for the Study of Human Knowledge, the University of Southern California, College of Continuing Education and Psychology Department, the Albert Einstein Medical College, and the European Conference of the Scoiety fro Psychotherapy Research (delivered in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Oxford, England, in January, February, April and July 1979, respectively).
Brother Bergin expresses gratitude to Victor Brown, Truman Madsen, Spencer Palmer, Jeff Bradshaw, and Karl White for their helpful suggestions. He also indicates that he does not take credit for these ideas, but recognizes that they are inherent in the Gospel. He also expresses the feeling that the reason his lectures have been so widely and favorbly received is that so many people everywhere respect these values. We are grateful to him for expressing them so clearly and eloquently!