soft skills, seminars, student-taught, student-facilitated, evaluation


This report presents the results of an implementation evaluation of new modular content for the BYU ACME Soft Skills seminar. The seminar was changed from a teacher-led seminar to a student-facilitated, teacher-less model. Evaluative data was gathered using a mixed methods approach, including in-class observations, surveys, and personal and small group interviews. The new seminar structure was piloted over two semesters in the student teacher facilitated teacher-less format and was met largely positively by students, who reported high engagement and beneficial soft skill development. Students provided suggestions for seminar improvement, such as offering graded credit, integrating the seminar with other hard skill-oriented optional seminars, and inviting experts in the field to teach the seminar periodically. Best practices in seminar operations, such as clearly-identified training and resources, wielding experts with subject matter knowledge, and the use of meaningful, engaging activities, are discussed.

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