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course design, Canvas, e-learning, Helen Foster Snow, US-China relations


The purpose of this development project is to create a three-credit course that introduces Modern China, as well as the life and legacy of Helen Foster Snow and her contributions to Chinese/American relations. Through Helen’s example, students will learn how they can make constructive contributions to society, influence positive change, and ultimately become a bridge of understanding between countries and cultures. This project is a collaborative effort between multiple universities and the Helen Foster Snow Foundation in Utah. The course is mainly designed for Southern Utah University. Still, it will also be offered at Southern Utah University (SUU), Brigham Young University (BYU), Northwest University in Xi’an, China, or any other institutes of interest concurrently.

This course will be published in Canvas Commons as a public domain course to be free for all Utah’s higher education institutions. Besides choosing what units they need, these institutes may also contribute to adding new content to the course. Though we developed this course into an online course that encourages students’ independent study, it can also be adapted into a blended or face-to-face course, depending on the institute’s needs. The whole project is being completed in two phases. My Ph.D. development project primarily focuses on the first phase, in which we have finished developing the main body of the course by applying the ADDIE model (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation). In the second phase, we will work on filming video presentations and summative evaluation of this course.

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