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This report describes the design and development of a video series (YouTube channel) teaching how to play tabletop games. The goal of each video is to prepare viewers to confidently play the game in question. Players do not need to fully understand every minute detail of the game’s rules, but questions during gameplay should be minimal and easily resolved without significant harm to newcomers’ strategy.

For the scope of this project, I made three videos to teach two very different games (Sushi Go! and Tortuga 1667). Creating these videos allowed me to teach a few popular games, but more importantly it served as a prototype for the future of the channel. Designing a repeatable, efficient instructional design process for creating similar videos in the future was a critical goal of the project.

For the second game, Tortuga 1667, I also worked directly with a client (the game’s creator), who shared the video to his company’s YouTube channel as an official tutorial and plans to commission similar videos for his other games in the future.

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