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Although self-esteem is a well-researched topic, there are some aspects of self-esteem that have been left out of the research. The I’ve Got Self-Esteem Questionnaire (IGSEQ), a 10-item measure, seeks to balance the existing research focusing on mother-figure support and inborn aspects of appearance by conversely evaluating self-esteem through the domains of father-figure support and controllable aspects of appearance, such as personal hygiene and grooming. Using a 4-point Likert scale, the IGSEQ was administered to a convenience sample of 101 college-age students (64 female and 37 male). The IGSEQ demonstrated acceptable internal consistency (α = .73) and had acceptable content validity ratios (1 ≥ .36). Principal component analysis revealed two primary factors, corresponding with father-figure support and appearance as measures of self-esteem. While most items loaded equally and significantly on our intended domains, one item had a negative correlation with both the domain of appearance and other specific items of appearance. Results indicated the IGSEQ was highly reliable and accurately measured two independent domains of self-esteem: appearance and father-figure support, and with revisions, can be administered in addition to or incorporated with other measures of self-esteem.

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