Strong leaders are in high demand in many of today's disciplines. Many characteristics and skills contribute to the emergence and success of leaders. It is important to assess these skills and characteristics in order to better fol.fill the leadership demands of employers and other organizations. The current measure aims to assess leadership abilities in college students in order to identify good leaders and the characteristics that they possess. A Likert Scale measurement was created and administered to 50 university students. Statistical analysis showed the scale to be psychometrically sound. Items correlated highly with one another and the cronbach's alpha was 0.78, showing it to be internally consistent. Factor analysis revealed that items loaded on three components: leadership confidence in group settings, leadership in interpersonal interactions, and leadership determination. Participants averaged 2. 632 on each item, on a scale of 0-4, with no gender differences. Standardizing this scale to different populations will make it more generalizeable. The readership scale could also be used in different contexts to assess skills of individuals, specifically in job and school settings.

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