Rachel Barton


autism spectrum disorder, suicide, prevention, loneliness, connection


As researchers continue to understand autism spectrum disorder (ASD), one outstanding factor is causing concern within the psychological community: those with ASD are at a much higher risk of suicidal tendencies. These tendencies include suicidal ideation, attempting suicide, and death by suicide. Possible contributing factors to this increased risk include high levels of loneliness, pressure to conform to societal norms, as well as depression and anxiety. To decrease suicidality among the ASD population, further research is needed to fully understand why this behavior occurs at such a high percentage. Research is also needed to find appropriate and effective solutions to these issues. Within this literature review, I will delve into the possible causes of high suicidality rates among ASD individuals as well as propose potential solutions to this serious problem. These solutions will be based on current research within the field of positive psychology, including concepts like self-compassion, exercise, and supportive relationships.

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