Nonbinary, gender nonconforming, gender-affirming care, healthcare


Though nonbinary and gender nonconforming people are becoming increasingly recognized in North America, specialized healthcare—specifically gender-affirming procedures—are not becoming available to them. Researchers have examined the subjective experiences of these individuals as they have navigated the healthcare system in order to further understand possible limitations for nonbinary and gender nonconforming populations. Methods include assessing the procedures available to participants and their interpersonal experiences with healthcare professionals and family members. Scientific resources on this topic are limited, and the results are overwhelmingly represented by self-report. Furthermore, the content of the results is majorly negative toward the participants’ experiences. Participants report verbal abuse and physical attacks in healthcare settings, medical procedures being unavailable or difficult to access, and a lack of support from family and various healthcare professionals. Continuing research in more objective formats and with greater specificity toward the subject is prompted.