Autism Spectrum Disorder, females with Autism, Autism challenges


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complicated developmental condition. ASD is typically known as a male-associated disorder with three to four times as many males diagnosed with the disorder than females (Loomes, Hull, & Mandy, 2017). Recent studies on the differences between males and females with ASD have recognized an underdiagnosis of females with ASD. Researchers have found that females with ASD have a specific set of mannerisms and struggles that differ from their male counterparts, which may be “camouflaging” the females into society (Lai et al., 2019). Many undiagnosed females with ASD are not receiving the mental, emotional, and physical help that they need, are commonly struggling with secondary disorders, and are more susceptible to sexual abuse (Lai et al., 2011; Roberts, Koenen, Lyall, Robinson, & Weisskopf, 2015). Females with ASD face serious issues that must be examined and addressed.

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