Dance movement therapy, DMT, post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD, PTSD treatment, dance therapy, movement therapy


This literature review explores the ways dance movement therapy can treat post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. By analyzing and synthesizing the current literature on the relationship between the two, we can more clearly understand how dance movement therapy can treat PTSD, as well as where more research is needed. Looking closer at the w ays dance movement therapy relieves symptoms of PTSD allows its effectiveness to be evaluated. Thus far we have seen many advantages to dance movement therapy, including its inherent connection to the body, how well it works with other therapies, its non-goal-oriented and accepting nature, and its capability for helping patients develop effective coping skills (Levine, 2016; Wiedenhofer, 2017; Dosamantes-Beaudry, 1997). The findings and observations from the studies included in this literature review support dance movement therapy as an effective form of treatment for PTSD when used alone or with other more widely available treatments.

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