eating disorder, bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa, family, diet, prevention, media literacy, body image, self-esteem


This review investigates the main contributing factors of an eating disorder and how one can facilitate eating disorder prevention. A brief summary of eating disorders and their history is provided. The diet mentality and the negative consequences associated with that mentality are examined. The term “diet mentality” is used intermittently to describe the behaviors and beliefs that surround fad dieting including the desire to manipulate food and water intake to lose weight. How to reject that diet mentality is discussed as part of preventing eating disorders. Additionally, preventative measures include becoming media literate and promoting body positivity. Media literacy is discussed as a way to think critically when viewing and consuming media messages. This review details the effects of media literacy and suggests ways to become media literate. Included are several suggestions on how to promote body positivity in the home, in interactions with others, and on social media. Gaining these skills will likely aid in the prevention of eating disorders.

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