The Internet is a readily available tool that can quickly access a vast range of information, resources, and services. Despite the abundance of resources provided by the Internet, it can prove more detrimental than helpful if we do not wisely manage our personal time on and use of the Internet. This lack of personal time management for the Internet has developed a recently new mental disorder called Problematic Internet Use, but more commonly referred to as Internet addiction. Although this disorder is applicable for all ages, it is found to be a common addiction in adolescents. By examining Internet addiction studies from all over the world, this review provides an overview and basic understanding of Internet addiction. I explicitly focus on adolescents and this disorder as well as the comorbidity of Internet addiction and depression often found in adolescents. I, first identify the psychological and physiological signs and symptoms of Internet addiction. Next, I discuss the correlation between depression and Internet addiction and the importance of this correlation. Finally, I address methods of recovery coupled with an appeal for further research to provide additional methods of treatment.

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