Media infiltrates society so heavily that it can seem impossible to go an entire hour without viewing several different platforms of media. This paper seeks to explore the effects that daily media consumption has on teenage girls, as well as which types of media can be a foundation for eating disorders, self-esteem problems, loss of identity and heightened jealousy. An additional focus is how much of each media type can be consumed before these effects are evident.Through examining studies that investigate the effects of Facebook, music videos, fashion magazines and television shows, evidence suggests that adolescent girls experience negative effects similar to those listed above. Facebook can increase feelings of envy and life dissatisfaction; music videos can twist the perception of healthy sexual relationships; fashion magazines can be correlated with eating disorders, and television can bring about a loss of one’s self-esteem. By heightening parental involvement in adolescent’s media intake, false perceptions of reality in body image or sexual relationships can be eliminated.

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