Studies have found that most college students have ineffective study habits. Despite this fact, students may feel hesitant or even hostile to changes ii study routines. To assist academic advisers in facilitating study-habit improvement in students, we developed the Student Readiness to Change Scale (STRETCH). This scale measures students' readiness to change in three domains: recognition of the need to change, a desire to change, and the perceived ability to change. We devised five Likert scale items for each "domain, making 15 items in total. We distributed the scale to a sample of J03 college students and received 94 completed responses. Analyses of the results found that the STRETCH scale had both internal consistency (a= -"19) and content validity (CVRs ranged from .50 to .94). Principa-lcomponent analyses revealed that, with the exception of four of the items, the items loaded onto three main components. Keywords: readiness to change, study habits,

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