Traumatic Brain Injury (TB!) is a leading cause of many of debilitating injuries and even death. These injuries often occur in common athletic activities, such as bicycling, snow skiing, snowboarding, football, and skateboarding. TB! resulting from each of these activities can be reduced by the proper use of certified helmets. Surveys have been conducted with college-age students, neurosurgeons, and the general population, and the results show that many believe in the efficacy of helmets as a means of protection. However, cognitive dissonance is displayed in the limited helmet use reported in these samples. Among the reasons researchers have found for this disparity include personal vanity and the lack of education. Moreover, those who purchase helmets often select non-certified products. After considering the efficacy of helmet use in the prevention of TB!, I offer suggestions for legislative policy and public education that could produce reduce the incidence of TB!.

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