Participant recruitment in survey research is an essential part of many research studies, especially those conducted in academic settings. The purpose of this study was to determine the current, most-effective methods of recruitment. We used four methods to administer the same survey. They included the traditional methods of classroom presentation and face-to-face recruitment using fliers, and the more recent methods of mass e-mails to class lists and social-network mass messaging. We analyzed the data using a chi-square test to compare and determine the most effective method of recruitment. We found that recruitment through the social-networking site Facebook was the most effective method, with 37% of those recruited taking the survey. Mass emails to class lists was the next most effective method, followed by face-to-face recruiting and classroom presentations. These findings were statistically significant at p < .01. For researchers looking for a diverse sample, Facebook offers a quick, inexpensive, and efficient method of recruiting.

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