Insights: The Newsletter of the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship



Wilford Hess, Douglas Philips, Harold Miller, Jay Todd, John Sorenson, Gerald Bradford, John Clark, James Faulconer, Stanley Kimball, Dan Peterson, John Robertson, Kent Robson, Richard Rust, John Tvedtnes


The instituting of a formalized system of reviewing articles considered for possible F.A.R.M.S. publication was mentioned in the Fall 1987 Newsletter. The procedure operates under the aegis of the Evaluation Committee, whose members are Wilford Hess (BYU, microbiology), Douglas Phillips (BYU, classics), Harold Miller (BYU psychology), and Jay Todd (The Ensign). Committee chairman John Sorenson, the acting Evaluation Editor, is assisted by members of a new Publications Review Board, including Gerald Bradford (UC-Irvine, religious studies), John Clark (BYU-NWAF, anthropology), James Faulconer (BYU, philosophy), Stanley Kimball (So. Illin., history), Dan Peterson (BYU, Near Eastern languages), John Robertson (BYU, linguistics), Kent Robson (USU, philosophy), Richard Rust (NC, English), and John Tvedtnes (Salt Lake City, Semitics).