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Lynn Hilton, Hope Hilton, In Search of Lehi's Trail, Ensign, Al Kunfidah, Red Sea, Nahom, Yemen, Carsten Niebuhr, Danish King Frederick V


In 1976, Lynn M. and Hope Hilton, In Search of Lehi's Trail (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book, p. 94) and Ensign (September-October 1976), proposed that the place called Nahom (1 Ne. 16:34), where Ishmael died and was buried, was around Al Kunfidah near the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia. Ross T. Christensen, Ensign (August 1978, p. 73), soon suggested an alternative location for Nahom, based upon a map of Yemen prepared as a result of a 1762-64 exploration by Carsten Niebu hr for Danish King Frederick V