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Mulek, Benjamin Urrutia, Nebuchadnezzar, sons of Zedekiah, Book of Mormon critics


Another possible clue of the existence and escape of Mulek (see Insights, March 1984, and Update, February 1984), son of Zedekiah, has been noticed by Benjamin Urrutia. 2 Kings 25:1-10 reports that Nebuchadnezzar and "all his host" scattered "all the men" and "all [the king's] army" and burnt "all the houses of Jerusalem" and with "all the army" destroyed the walls. Ben points out that in the midst of all this, 25:7 omits the word "all" when it reports that "sons" of Zedekiah were killed, refuting, perhaps, the idea that all of those sons were killed, as some critics of the Book of Mormon have claimed.