Insights: The Newsletter of the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship



FARMS Staff, Stephen D. Ricks, John Welch, John Sorenson, "A Lexicon of Inscriptional Qatabanian", Les Campbell, Teri Bergstrom, John Sorenson


This month, Stephen D. Ricks joined John W. Welch and John L. Sorenson as members of the FARMS Board of Directors. Stephen has been an active, contributing FARMS researcher for several years. His dissertation, "A Lexicon of Inscriptional Qatabanian" (an ancient South Arabian dialect), earned him his doctorate from the University of California at Berkeley in 1982. At Brigham Young University, he teaches Hebrew, Aramaic, Near Eastern mythologies, and a class on texts and temples. He brings great enthusiasm, dedication, and scholarship to this position with FARMS, and is greatly appreciated.