Insights: The Newsletter of the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship



director, publication, translation, biblical studies


We are pleased to announce that we have recently hired Joseph Bonyata as our director of publication production. Joe started his career in book publishing at Fortress Press in Minneapolis, a leading publisher in biblical studies and theology. As managing editor at Fortress, Joe was responsible for over 60 new titles a year and oversaw the digital publication of the 55 volumes of Martin Luther’s Works, as well as a new translation of the foundational book of Lutheranism, The Book of Concord. Joe also headed the team that initially developed fortresspress.com. After Fortress, he published books on “planes, trains, and automobiles” at MBI Publishing in Minneapolis. Joe then served as director of editorial production for the New York trade publisher Perseus Books Group, overseeing the publication of over 200 new book titles a year.