Insights: The Newsletter of the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship

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Project Updates



Jay Huber, T. Eastmond, Ricks College, Santa Ana College, Book of Mormon studies, Ken Jenkins, Blake Ostler, Brian Stubbs, language analysis, Bruce Young, Michael Bundy, Susan Easton, Diane Wirth, Nibley Archive


Progress continues on several fronts. Jay Huber from Ricks College and T. Stephen Eastmond from Santa Ana College are combining effort studying chronology and astronomy in the Book of Mormon. Ken Jenkins in Berkeley, California, continues his creative and monumental efforts at computer analysis of Book of Mormon texts. Blake Ostler in Salt Lake City is moving ahead with his study of word pairs in the Book of Mormon. Brian Stubbs has submitted four installments of his linguistic analysis of New World and Old World language phenomena. Bruce Young in Somerville, Massachusetts, Michael Bundy in Ogden, Utah, and several others are pursuing various research projects.