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Mormon Studies, Pre-Columbiana: A Journal of Long-Distance Contacts, ancient transoceanic travel, Old World contact


The inaugural issue of a new scholarly journal of interest to students of the Book of Mormon has recently become available. Volume 1 of Pre-Columbiana: A Journal of Long-Distance Contacts is a double issue (June and December 1998) of 160 pages. The journal is the product of two distinct streams of interest in the topic of ancient transoceanic travel. On one hand, the key contributors are senior academic scholars who have a long record of research and publication on this subject. Believing there is substantial evidence for such early voyages, these people have long contradicted the orthodox view that no significant contacts from the Old World reached the Americas to seed or affect New World cultures. On the other hand, the funding and sponsoring organization, Early Sites Research Society West, combines the efforts of groups of mainly amateur researchers who are anxious to see the same problem studied.