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LDS Scholarship at SBL



American Academy of Religion, Society of Biblical Literature, 22-25 November 1997, San Francisco, Donald W. Parry, Eric G. Hansen, John A. Tvedtnes, "Parallels between the Egyptian 'Opening of the Mouth' Ritual and the Book of Mormon", Mosiah 25 through Alma 29, Book of Mormon Studies, LDS Scholarship


At the recent annual meeting of the American Academy of Religion (AAR) and the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL), held 22-25 November 1997 in San Francisco, there were some interesting developments in the area of LDS scripture studies. In addition to a number of attendees from BYU and FARMS, at least three LDS scholars-Donald W. Parry, Eric G. Hansen, and John A. Tvedtnes-were speakers on the program. Hansen's paper, entitled "Parallels between the Egyptian 'Opening of the Mouth' Ritual and the Book of Mormon (Mosiah 25 through Alma 29)," may have been the first to use the Book of Mormon as the subject of a formal presentation at the international meeting. Other presentations on this volume of scripture have been made at regional meetings by both LDS and RLDS scholars.