Insights: The Newsletter of the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship



Brown Bag Lectures, ancient Egypt, Michael Rhodes, Michael Lyon, hypocephali, hypocephalus, Egyptian burrial


Joseph Smith challenged the Saints to find connections between our world and the world of the Egyptians. In a FARMS Brown Bag lecture on 6 November 1996, Michael D. Rhodes and Michael P. Lyon reported on their attempts to aid us in achieving that goal by gathering and cataloging copies of as many of the world's existing hypocephali as possible into a reference work that will assist both LDS and non-LDS scholars in their research of ancient Egyptian studies. A hypocephalus is a circular Egyptian document placed under the head of a deceased person at burial to guide the person's spirit to the world of spirits. The reference work will display photographs of each of the 83 hypocephali they have cataloged, along with its current location, history, hieroglyphic translation, and transcriptions. It will also include an exhaustive chronological bibliography.