Insights: The Newsletter of the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship



Dead Sea Scrolls, digital imaging, FARMS Book of Mormon database, ancient Mara murals, Bonampak


The well-publicized Dead Sea Scrolls project that FARMS is jointly pursuing with BYU (to produce a CD-ROM containing translations, transcriptions, and digital images of the scrolls) continues to progress well. In addition to the contribution to · scroll scholarship that this project has allowed FARMS to make, it has taught the Foundation some important things about the creation of such databases that will benefit the eventual creation of a FARMS Book of Mormon database. And it has attracted the attention of people and organizations that want to preserve other ancient writings. FARMS is now assisting in the digital storing of images of ancient Maya murals at Bonampak (see previous issues of Insights for information on the Bonampak project) and has been given custodianship of photographs of ancient Syriac documents.