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Hugh Nibley, Brown Bag Lectures, book of Abraham, Abraham Facsimiles, ancient Egyptian symbols, Pearl of Great Price studies


On 15 March, Hugh W. Nibley, professor emeritus of Ancient Scripture at BYU, presented a lecture in the FARMS Brown Bag series entitled "Figure 6 of Facsimile 2." The lecture, held in the Joseph Smith Building's conference room, was well attended--indeed, it was "standing room only." Professors, students, and other friends of FARMS gathered to hear Brother Nibley's insights on the meanings of Egyptian symbols in the facsimiles purchased by Joseph Smith and included in the Pearl of Great Price. Brother Nibley discussed the Lord's comment that explanations of the facsimiles "will be given in the own due time of the Lord" (see the explanation opposite Facsimile 2 in the Pearl of Great Price) and said that we are just now receiving some of the clues, or puzzle pieces, for the meanings of some of these Egyptian symbols.