Insights: The Newsletter of the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship



Brown Bag Lectures, Hugh Nibley, book of Abraham, Abraham facsimiles, Dead Sea Scroll Electronic Database, Steve Booras, Don Parry, Gene Clark, Old World Bountiful, Noel Reynolds, Doug Chabries, archaeology technology, Nephi


In the FARMS brown bag lecture series during the last two months Hugh Nibley spoke about figure 6 from Facsimile 2 of the book of Abraham (a transcript is available; see the accompanying article on this page), Steve Booras and Don Parry demonstrated the Dead Sea Scroll Electronic Database that we have reported on in previous issues of Insights, Gene Clark reported on his preliminary research on metals near the probable site of Old World Bountiful (see the article on page 5), Noel Reynolds explored the ways that 1 Nephi gives political support to Nephi' s prophetic role, and Doug Chabries (new member of the FARMS board; see the article on page 5) brought participants up to date on high tech support for archaeological research.