Insights: The Newsletter of the Neal A. Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship



American Biblical Manuscript Center, Claremont California, University of Judaism, West Los Angeles, Royal Skousen, Book of Mormon lecture, LDS scholarship


The American Biblical Manuscript Center in Claremont, California, and the University of Judaism in West Los Angeles invited Royal Skousen, professor of English at BYU, to present a lecture in March on the Book of Mormon Critical Text Project. Skousen's lecture, entitled "Fragments from the American Dead Sea: Reconstructing the Original Text of the Book of Mormon," addressed recent findings from the Wilford Wood fragments of the original Book of Mormon manuscript, non-English Hebraisms in the English language Book of Mormon text, and implications for New Testament textual criticism based on these and other recent findings. Skousen's lecture was one of a six-part lecture series on "Text Discoveries That Have Changed Religious History." Skousen believes this is the first time the Book of Mormon has been included in a scholarly series not sponsored by an organization connected with the Church. The invitation is encouraging because non-LDS scholars are recognizing the scholarly work being done with the Book of Mormon.