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Zenock, Tenoch, Nahuatl, Aztec priest, Book of Mormon prophets


T he name Zenock, from the Book of Mormon, and Tenoch, the Nahuatl name of a semi-legendary priest/leader of the Aztecs, may be linguistically related. The Book of Mormon refers five times to the Israelite prophet Zenock, spelled Zenoch in the Original Manuscript of the Book of Mormon (1 Nephi 19:10, c. 580 B.C.; Alma 33:15 and 34:7, c. 74 B.C.; Helaman 8:20, c. 23 B.C.; and 3 Nephi 10:16, c. A.D. 34). Those passages remind the Nephites and the future readers of the Book of Mormon about the prophecies of Zenoch concerning Christ, which were contained in the scriptures that Lehi and his family brought with them from the Old World.