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Hugh Nibley, Nibley publications, Book of Abraham studies, Enoch, baptism for the dead, stick of Judah, stick of Joseph, Book of Mormon criticism, ancient Israel, Isaiah, apostasy, forty-day ministry of Christ, archaeology


The uncollected papers of Hugh Nibley, which he has given to FARMS, include a mouthwatering assortment of his work for the past twenty years. No decision has yet been made whether to prepare a comprehensive book or to offer them in a separate series of FARMS reprints. They include his 1968-69 series from The Improvement Era on the Book of Abraham, his 1975-76 series for The Ensign on Enoch, multi-part articles on baptism for the dead, "The Stick of Judah and the Stick of Joseph," a study of Book of Mormon criticism, some of his classical studies on the ancient world, Isaiah, the apostasy, the forty-day ministry of Christ, the Lachish letters dating from Lehi's time in Israel, Zion, Adam, prayer circles in early Christianity, archaeology, and trenchant essays about the state of modern society. Check future issues of the Newsletter for information about how to obtain your copies of these materials .