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To Resurrect


Derek Gullino


funeral, dead, coffin

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Jewel said, "I ain't having no more dead people in this house,'' when the whole town saw Carrie lean over the side of the coffin and open Manny's mouth. Carrie was barely ten, and her voice, like all the girls her age, was louder and carried farther than the horn in my daddy's new Ford, so everyone heard her say, "What you got in your mouth this time, Fatso? It better not be no roly-polys like I saw you eating last week or no boogers neither.'' Even I heard and I was way over in the corner talking with Zeke about the new squirrel catcher we was making. When Zeke said, "Carrie, get yourself on out of there," she was balanced on the edge of the coffin with her feet kicking around in the air, yelling things like ''Open up, Fatty'' and' 'Let me see.'' A lady screamed and people were talking and bustling around making a lot of noise and it didn't look like a funeral was supposed to look anymore. I started to get nervy . At funerals people are supposed to be real polite and quiet because it feels like the dead person's floating around in the room watching you, so you have to pretend you're real sad and all so he'll feel good. Pretty soon J ewe! came in and carried her into the other room and everything went back to normal.