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Jonathan Webber


graduation, reminiscent, leaving

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I ordered a cheap chicken dish; my date from Burley, Idaho, had a bowl of creamed celery soup. We asked for caviar just for fun and the waiter said, ''You have to order a meal.'' The bill was already thirty-five dollars we should have expected that in the Eduardian Room of the Plaza Hotel. Just before dinner, we had taken a ride around Central Park on a horse-drawn carriage. The coachman let the Clydesdale's hooves slosh around in wet December snow for a few extra minutes, and he received more money for a tip than we had paid for a round-trip ticket in and out of Grand Central Station from Chappaqua, New York. When we were younger, we just looked, window-shopped, and admired from a distance; now we had to take it all in before leaving the East.