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The Catalyst


Steve Mahlum


miscarriage, relationship conflict

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I didn't want to go home, but the nagging beeps sounding from my wristwatch reminded me l could delay it no longer. Flicking the switch on the terminal I had stared at all afternoon, I reluctantly broke away from my research. A part of my mind seemed connected to the computer, for when I turned it off, the stacks of equations broke apart and drifted away into some dark corner of my memory. I dropped a few papers into the briefcase on the floor, then donning my coat, headed for the door beneath the green glow of the exit sign. The clank of the crash bar brought a gush of warm air that pushed me from the building onto the sidewalk, abandoning me there. I exhaled the last of the inside warmth, forming a momentary cloud in the cold February air. As the cracks in the sidewalk steadily appeared and disappeared beneath my feet, my thoughts rambled home.