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Emergency response teams are always preparing rescue plans and protocols so they may respond quickly to various incidents. Fire trucks and ambulances need to arrive at the scene of the incident rapidly to mitigate injury, and avoid more damage to property in the case of a fire (Kolesar et al. 1973). Holidays are times of high incidence, and officials always plan for potential risks that surround large events. The network analysis toolbox can be used to find and map out the quickest route from a variety of locations. The network analysis toolset in ArcMap makes it possible for us to enter in several potential starting points, make the shortest route connecting points, define travel restrictions (example: no U-turns, no tight turns, etc..), and add obstacles. These tools give us the ability to create routes in anticipation of potential incidents. These tools are also useful in analyzing traffic flows and use of multiple transportation options (Beuth et. al 2001, Lee et. al 2013)