Great Basin Naturalist Memoirs

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Fishes of Utah Lake


There has been a drastic change in fish populations inhabiting Utah Lake during the last 100 years. When the pioneers first entered Utah Valley they found a well-established cutthroat trout population in Utah Lake and in the tributaries flowing into the lake. After intensive agricultural and industrial development this salmonid disappeared, and carp, white bass, and black bullhead are the common species today. The known history of the Utah Lake fisheries is summarized. Through proper management it is possible to establish a sport fishery of the common fish species currently in the Lake, including walleye, channel catfish, and largemouth bass. The ichthyofauna of Utah Lake may be an underrated natural resource. Today, no native sport fishery exists in Utah Lake, although sportsmen are harvesting introduced species. Utah Lake has a dynamic fishery that must be continually monitored and managed if it is remain productive.