Great Basin Naturalist Memoirs


The 10 endemic species of Balclutha in Hawaii are reviewed and compared with the Pacific and American forms of the genus. Two new species, nigriventris and fuscifrons, are described; kilaueae is transferred to a new genus Balolina n. comb.; beardsleyi is synonymized with saltuella, n. syn.; and hospes is relegated to a subspecies of incisa, n. stat. Descriptions and notes, together with illustrations and a key, are given for each taxon. Evidence is presented to suggest that all the endemic species of Balclutha have arisen within the islands from a single colonization and that the taxon showing the greatest similarity to them is the widespread Pacific species B. lucida. It is shown that the Hawaiian genus Nesolina is most closely related to the endemic species-group of Balclutha and that Balolina is an independent colonization.