Great Basin Naturalist Memoirs


Three tribes of Nirvaninae, namely, Balbillini (two genera and three species), Nirvanini (five genera and 26 species), and Occinirvanini (one genus and one species), occur on the Indian suncontinent. The tribes, genera, and species are redescribed, illustrated, and keyed. New taxa recognized are Balbillus indicus n. sp. (India: Kerala), Stenotortor subhimalaya n. sp. (India: West Bengal), Kana bispinosa n. sp. (India: Tamil Nadu), K. nigropicta n. sp. (India: Kerala), Sophonia bakeri n. sp. (India: Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh; Nepal), S. bifida n. sp. (India: West Bengal), S. complexa n. sp. (India: Meghalaya), S. complicata n. sp. (India: Mizoram, Meghalaya), S. Keralica n. sp. (India: Kerala), Nirvana peculiaris n. sp. (India: Mizoram, Meghalaya), and N. striata n. sp. (India: Werst Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh). The genus Quercinirvana Ahmed & Mahmood (type species: Q. Longicephala Ahmed & Mahmood) is treated as a junior synonym of Sophonia Walker. Kana signata Distant and Nirvana greeni Distant are suppressed as junior synonyms K. illuminata and N. linealis, respectively, and are transferred to Sophonia. Three other species transferred to Sophonia are Kana modesta Distant, Quercinirvana longicephala Ahmed & Mahood, and Nirvana insignis Distant. The relationship among various genera are dicussed briefly. The genera Crispina Distant and Mohunia Distant are exluded from Nirvaninae.