Great Basin Naturalist Memoirs


A study of the genus Colladonus and related genera of Mexico and Central America was based almost exclusively upon the examination of nearly the entire type series of all the Idiodonus species described by the late Dr. D. M. DeLong. All species referable to Colladonus are redescribed, and illustrations of the male genitalia are given for the first time. A key to the species of Mexico and Central America is also included. A brief discussion of the distribution and phylogeny of the group is given.
Among 35 species described by DeLong in Idiodonus, 21 belong in Colladonus, 1 is assigned to Ollarianus Ball, 1 to Paratanus Young, 2 to Bonneyana Oman, 2 are retained in Idiodonus, 5 are relegated to four proposed new genera, and the remaining 3 have uncertain generic position. One new combination in Colladonus is proposed, and 16 names are treated as new synonyms. Eight new combinations are proposed in the treatment of related genera. New genera include: Paracolladonus, Paracrassana, Paranurenus, and Jaacunga. The subgenus Angulanus DeLong is elevated to generic rank.