Great Basin Naturalist Memoirs


A taxonomic revision of the genera of Scolytidae (Coleoptera) in the world fauna is presented. Included are 215 valid genera and 273 invalid generic and subgeneric names. The type-species for each genus-group name was examined, including the type-specimen of the type-species in those taxa where a holotype, lectotype, or neotype has been designated—with the exception of four contemporary genera, the type-series of which are lost, and six fossil genera for which no effort was made to locate the types. Taxonomic keys to the families of the Curculionoidea, and to the subfamilies, tribes, and genera of Scolytidae are presented. Descriptions and citations of the original validations of the two subfamilies and 25 tribes of Scolytidae are included. For each genus-group name there is a citation of its original validation, type-species, and synonymy. For each valid genus there is an indication of its distribution, the approximate number of valid species, basic feeding and mating habits, and citation of published keys for the identification of species.

Of general interest to coleopterists is a review of the status and position of the families Platypodidae and Scolytidae within the Curculionoidea, including several characters not previously presented. These two families are entirely distinct from one another and from Cuculionidae. The phyletic position of Platypodidae and Scolytidae is near the more primitive families of Curculionoidea and quite remote from specialized Curculionidae.